MC6 MkII stuck on Bank 1 when not connected to web editor

I just picked up a MC6 mk II again and have restored it from my previous backup (now updated to latest firmware: v3.12.6a)

It appears to work fine when connected to the computer via USB and using the web editor, but when it is only on line power or USB without the editor it appears that it is stuck on the first bank. In other words, the buttons I’ve configured to jump to other banks (one bank per song in my setup) just point back to Bank 1 when it is being powered by the power jack or powered by USB without being connected to the editor.

I’ve tried multiple 9v adapters (guessing that it might be a power draw issue) but the issue persists. Plugging back into the USB port and connecting it in the editor makes it function as intended. I also downgraded to 3.11.2a but no change in behavior.

I did purchase this second hand, so there’s always a possibility of some pre-existing issue, etc. I haven’t used one in a while so there’s also always the possibility of user error as I reacquaint myself with the unit and editor.

Any thoughts or advice on how to proceed?


Hi Geoff. Since you purchased this pre-owned, it’s best that you perform a factory reset before beginning to use your MC6. The previous owner may have settings that are causing this undesired behaviour. How to perform a factory reset.

Thanks for the advice. I did a factory reset, loaded up my old settings/presets.

I think I discovered the issue. I had had a custom bank sequence in the old configuration (for an old set list), so I then. happily cleared the custom sequence as I’m setting up a new one. But: I did not uncheck “Follow Custom Bank Sequence.” Once I unchecked that, it seems to be working correctly.

Yes, that is correct. You have not added any banks to your custom bank sequence. That explains why it was stuck with only 1 bank when you enabled it.