MC6 mkii Strymon Mobius Nixie Midi clock issue

Hi James,

My midi chain is as follows:

MC6 ii Out → Midibox In–>Midibox Out–>Mobius In–>Mobius Out–>MC6 ii In

From the Midibox → HX Stomp, Mako D1, RC-5.

With this set up I can program the Mobius using Nixie but Midi Clock sync does not work. If I unplug the MC6 ii Midi In i can restore MIDI clock sync but I can’t use Nixie.

Do you know if there is a way I can have both at the same time?

Thanks for all of your help!

Need to clarify, where is the MIDI clock sync from?

Sending clock from the MC6 MKii

i have the same problem. Do u guys have any solution?

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Can you try turning MIDI Thru OFF, and Ignore MIDI Clock ON in the MC6?

… some problem here!