MC6 Mkii MIDI Clock HX Stomp/Timeline/Bigsky

Hope this is the right section for this and hopefully not a repeat question. At a bit of a loss with understanding MIDI Clock and I may be overcomplicating my setup. But here it goes…

I use the MC6 mainly to control the Strymon Timeline and BigSky. My HX Stomp is used for Amps and Modulation effects (the HXS foot switches set to engage these effects). MIDI passes thru the HX Stomp to TL and BS. I’ve been able to get the MC6 sync with all 3 devices for preset changes with no problem.

However, I’ve been using multiple banks on the Timeline for any given song even though the only thing thats really changing is the song’s BPM. I also then make a setlist on the MC6 to scroll through the setlist keeping all the MIDI pedals changing in sync. For any given song, MC6 buttons A, B, and C will give me different delay type options. I’d then use buttons B & C to bank up to the next song. This has been causing me to spend way too much time creating a setlist on the Timeline and then also on the MC6 and I’d like to streamline my workflow by leaving my base delays alone and using the MC6 to control a defined tempo.

I can’t seem to get the MIDI clock to work. I think I can get it to work if I go into the MC6 bank for the song and do it for each button corresponding to each delay program. But if I edit the bank for MIDI clock, the BPM changes when I enter the bank, but once I hit a preset button, the BPM reverts back to another setting.

Am I doing this wrong or do I have to change MIDI Clock on each button?

Thanks and sorry for the verbose and confusing explanation!