Mc6 mkii bank change setting

Is there a way to cancel/turn-off Bank Change via stepping on A-B or B-C. In multiple occasions I will change banks by mistake when trying to use the middle B switch while playing live. I know the MC3 allows different ways of programming how the pedal switch banks. But I would like to have some flexibility with the MC6 mkII, a simple long-press for A-B and B-C TOGETHER would be sufficient but ideally I would like to cancel it and just use bank change by assigning it to a switch of my choosing. Cheers

apologies. I found the answer myself after reading up on the manual: using the Dual-Lock Mode, I can lock the function of dual switches altogether. By doing this, I avoid changing banks by mistake on a live situation, I can then change banks by setting a bank-up or down or bank mode with an action of my choosing. For my needs, this solves the problem!

Yup! Or you can set your switch sensitivity to 5, the highest setting. That makes pressing A+B / B + C accidentally unlikely to trigger the bank change. Alternatively, you can program Looper Mode in your bank preset for Bank 1 on an On Enter event. So your device will enter Looper Mode when it boots up. Looper Mode, like switch sensitivity 5, makes it really hard to do a double switch press accurately.