MC6 mkII: Auxiliary switch options in omniport?

I have a question about the options for using a 3 button switch in the omniport, as this doesn’t appear on the list.

Currently (working): I’m using a 3 button switch in the omniport to bank up/down and toggle pages.
Goal: use a 3 button switch in the omniport to bank up/down and toggle the tuner (on an Eventide H9).

We have some “hard stops” in a few of our songs, and I’ve been using the tuner on the H9 as a mute/kill switch. (And it worked well back when I used a Disaster Area DMC4). I have configured the D button on a number of presets to do that. Unfortunately (maybe due to the exuberance of performing in the moment or maybe even the particular switch) the switch does not always trigger when clicked. As is always the case with these things, clicking the switch to turn on the tuner/kill dry seemingly always works perfectly at rehearsal but can be unpredictable on stage.

As a potential workaround, I had thought about reassigning one of the switches on the Digitiech FS3X from toggling pages (currently) to toggling the tuner, but that doesn’t seem to be an option in the drop down menu. (It would have to be send CC## on channel ##)

Currently, I’m using an additional switch (directly to the H9 expression port) to activate the tuner, but hoping to streamline the number of auxiliary devices (to just the Digitech FS3x, expression pedal)

Thanks for any insight.

P.S. I also have a suggestion for a slight clarification in the manual. The section on General Settings (page 26): “Switch Sensitivity : How sensitive the switches should be. Default to 3. More sensitive means that there is less delay between pressing a switch and when the Preset executes, while less sensitive means more delay. If the Switch Sensitivity is higher, executing dual button presses may be harder.”
It is not clear how the numbers (1–5) correspond to the sensitivity. Are the higher numbers more sensitive?

Hi. Would suggest trying latest beta firmware and editor… there’s a new feature to let you trigger a preset from ext switch. So if you use fixed switch custom mode you could have:

A switch to enter a bank change mode.
A switch to toggle page.
A switch to engage a preset eg tuner mode

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Great. Thanks! I hadn’t looked into the beta firmware.

Sensitivity 5 is the fastest - ie looper mode.

Note that (unless it has changed - I asked this question some time ago) external foot switches are always at 5.

Hopefully I’m posting this in the right place correctly–I know some forums do things differently (very new to midi and this forum):

But I also have a question about the MC6 mkII omniport options. I currently have an expression pedal plugged into one of the omniports. It works great and controls a couple midi expressions on other pedals.

My question is, is there a way where I could use the 2nd omniport as an output to run to an ANALOG expression input on another pedal? The analog pedal has no midi capability. But I was curious if I could, for example, create a preset that either sends or doesn’t send regular old expression pedal information, almost like it’s just a pass-through for the expression pedal?

Followup question–if this IS possible, does that mean by using something like the Morningstar Midibox to send similar messages to other analog pedals?

Maybe wishful thinking–Otherwise it seems like I’d need a 2nd expression pedal just for that one analog pedal.


You can’t control non midi pedals via an omniport. Connnecting an omniport to an expression in port might cause damage to your MC. However, there are devices that can convert midi cc to cv but those are usually designed for eurorack. IDK if this would work with standard pedal expression inputs.

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Thanks for the response. Kind of expected something like that but a guy can dream. Thanks.