Mc6 mk2 question

Sorry for the long winded question. I don’t know technical midi terms so there is probably a much shorter way to ask this:

I have a question about the mc6.

I have a Strymon timeline.

I want a midi controller where I can turn on and off 5 timeline presets. So no scrolling—

Example. Press midi footswitch 1 to turn on preset 1. Then hit foot switch 1 to turn off preset 1 to bypass the effect.

Then—for example—if preset 1 is engaged I’d like to be able to hit foot switch 3 and have the timeline change to preset 3 on. Then hit switch 3 and have preset 3 bypass.

I’d like to be able to do this with 5 presets without any scrolling. Just skipping around the 5 presets with single taps.

Can the morning star do this?

Yes. You can put multiple messages (PC or CC) on each preset. Don’t have a Timeline, but pull up the manual and see what MIDI messages are needed for bypass and to recall presets. Then use the Toggle feature to switch between bypass and the preset. Easy as pie!