MC6 mk2 hum issue!

Hello! I received my controller a couple days ago! I’m having noise coming from the controller. It’s almost like a 60cycle hum but I have eliminated the possibility of it being the guitar. I’ve powered off the midi controller with an active signal and the issue goes away. It seems to be coming from on the of the omniports. Any way I can get it fixed?

Some more details would be helpful… sounds like a ground loop to me.

How are you powering the MC? 9 volt, or phantom power, or USB?

What’s connected to the omniport and what sort of cable are you using?

Any other MIDI devices involved in your setup? If so, how are they all connected together?

Hey! Thanks for replying! I have a boss dd500 and rv500 through 5 pin and a Jackson audio golden boy and el guapo via trs! Powered via isolated 9vdc !

And I guess the MC is controlling them all correctly? Looks like, from this post, the JA website lists their MIDI connection wrongly!

Yup! Have it set to standard. It’s definitely one of the Jackson audio pedal


Just adding the information here from my reply to your email.

There’s nothing to fix in the MC6. The MC6 does not interfere with your audio signal. It just sends MIDI commands to your other devices. What is likely happening is one of your devices is not properly isolated from the MC6, which is causing the ground loop. I don’t think it’s the DD500 and RV500. You can check if its your Jackson audio pedals by disconnecting the TRS connection from the omniports and seeing if the hum still persists.

Just FYI, in the MIDI standard, the MIDI receiving device should have an opto-isolator in its MIDI IN circuit for precisely this reason - preventing ground loops.

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Understood! I’m gonna contact Jackson audio!

I am also finding that the switches are inconsistent. For example, I’ll hit a preset and my drive will not read the CC until I hit it a couple times. It happened today in a live set

Could it be your toggle setting? Can you share a screenshot of the editor to show how you programmed the presets?

So I can’t get to a computer at the moment but my presets are pretty standard. For example, I have a CC on preset A turning on the Golden boy and turning off the el Guapo over drive side. But sometimes, it will either not register turning off the el Guapo or it will even turn on the distortion side without a programmed CC message.

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Jullian Sanchez

So I actually replaced the Jackson audio pedals with a friends, and same issue. I believe it’s an issue with the mc6

Can you share a screenshot of the editor for that preset? And also a video showing the issue? This will help us understand the issue better.

What is your midi signal chain like? What are the omniport settings on your controller?

Just to add, the controller doesn’t send a CC message that it wasn’t programmed to send, and on top of that, the exact same message that the Jackson is programmed to receive to bypass or engage itself.

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So heres the first preset on the bank. In the video, I switch between the two mainly to how what happens. In the video, skip to around 3 minutes, it does a faulty message.

The midi chain is MC6 ->dd500->rv500 via midi out and the the jackson audio pedal are in each omniport which are set up to midi standard. Their website says tip active but its false information.

Heres the video:

I’m trying to replicate the issue. Can you send me the files for Preset A, B and C? I’ve set up A as per your screenshot but I think I’ll need B and C as well.

What is Msg6 CC#0 to the Golden Boy for? Doesn’t seem like CC#0 is in their MIDI implementation