MC6 MK1 with BOSS RC 500

Hi i’m a rookie with midi control ! I would like to bind two différent control with 1 footswitch of my MC6 mk1
For exemple i would like to bind on the same FS the function [Rec/play] of the boss rc 500 (i know how to do it with basical CC) AND the Function [Clear] with an “hold delay cc”. It’s working the first time i use the hold delay (over 600ms) but when i try again nothing happens… i guess i should set up another message … i don’t know… could you pls help me?


I was playing with the same setup yesterday. I was trying to replicate the RC 500 “control” “Parameter” “R/P/S(Clear)”—page 7 Boss RC 500 Parameter Guide— on the MC6. But that parameter is specific to the onboard RC 500 switches. To “replicate” the same commands on the MC6, I had to use three of the “Boss Assigns” and, for my purposes, three MC6 switches (for now I’m trying to avoid long and double presses). Anyway, that worked.

I believed I experienced your issue when I would press stop or clear. The unit would continue to record or play. So I went pressed the “edit” button” under track one on the RC 500. The RC 500 will terminate a process when an assigned time—measure/note value—is completed. Because the unit wasn’t responding immediately when I pressed the MC6 switch for stop or clear, I thought it to be the midi command. But it was in the track edit settings.

The problem I’m trying to resolve now is why this value keeps changing. My Beat Buddy controls the clock on my pedal board—MC 6 passes clock signal through—so the “track Edit” measure/note/immediate/fade feature may be affected by the midi signal.

Anyway, that’s been my experience—for what it’s worth to you. Let me know if and when you discover the miracle fix!!


Hello Bill thank you for your answer.
My setup works now,
I can [Rec/play/clear] (overdub is included inside [rec/play]) on the same footswitch of the MC6 mki, the Clear function use an Hold Delay cc message (message send over 600ms). Maybe, instead of [Clear] i’ll bind the [undo/redo] function to get the same setup than the looper.
i took a screenshot if you are interested:
CC#1 is assigned to [rec/play] T1 and CC#2 is assigned to [clear] both are using “moment” mod (not toggle)

i’m trying this config, it allows me to get all track’s functions needed for each track
(FS A/B/C=Track 1: A:(rec/play/clear with long press) B:(undo) C:(play/pause) and so on… the 3 footswitch of RC500 could be used for 1:[All track play/pause] 2:[All Clear] 3:[Current Track FX]… just an idea…

Edit: … it’s really hard to get a perfect loop with the MC6… there is a little latence that i’m not able to avoid and i’ve not this problem with the rc500’s footswitch, i guess it’s due to the quality of footswitch because those of RC500 are really smooth compared to those of mc6 mki.
Do you have this issue?

One issue you’re likely seeing is due to having a long press on the same preset as a press (I’m assuming cause I can’t see your action)
When there is a long press programmed, the MC6 will hesitate sending the initial Press action to see if it’s gonna be a long press. I hope I’m not lying to you but I believe that is the case. Other than that, making sure the MC6 is in Looper mode to get rid of any lag in the midi is all I can suggest. I was having a lot of trouble with Midi Clock syncing from the MC6 to my RC-500 to where I ended up letting the RC-500 determine the tempo (Auto in the boss settings). Not ideal but works for my set up.

Hello, ok then, i’m going to try without the “long press” function. Anyway i didn’t know there was a Looper mod on the MC6, did you notice that i have the first version of it “mk1” ?
thank you for your help.

Edit: even without the long press i’ve got a latency problem.

Ah I didn’t see that but you might still have the feature. Blog post says all morningstar devices. I have my MC6 set where a whole bank is my looping bank and in the Bank Settings I put “on enter” loop mode and same fore “on exit” you can also set a specific preset to toggle looper mode or just turn it on always.

Thank you for the link! hope my device has this feature!

Thanks, Kaosmos! I’ll incorporate your settings into my MC6. Something that I “relearned” on this thread was putting the MC6 into looper mode. D’oh!! That’s one of the sundry details that got left on the workbench.

By the way, did you know the length of the long press is adjustable? 600ms can seem interminable at times. The only “downside” I can see to this is the “adjustment” is global, not “bank’al.”

Finally, while laying the relationship between my pedals and my switcher, I question my dedicating switches on the MC6 to the RC500 when the RC500 had three perfectly good switches in reach for the specific purpose you detail in your thread. While it makes sense to use the “assigns” for commands within song settings so that everything on my pedal board changes on cue, I am struggling with the rationale for using the midi switcher to operate the RC500 independent of the other pedals on the board.

I know I’m missing/not thinking of something. Would you mind sharing your thinking on this topic? Is your RC500 out of reach, or, if you’re still using the RC500 switches, what are you using them for?

Hi Bill, Actually i thought the same thing. My goal was to get full control of each track without using the function “track select” but like i noticed on previous message i had latency problem and until yesterday (someone finally answered me) i thought there wasn’t looper mod on my first version of MK6… indeed the footswitchs of rc500 are really nice, smooth and quiet compare to those of my ms (dunno maybe last ms got improvment) so for now i use them like that; First one T1 (R/P/S/clear) Second T2 (R/P/S/clear) Third (loop fx but… idk, maybe i’ll assign the tap tempo) and the morningstar is used like that:

A:Rythm B: T1 Undo/Clear with long press. C: T1 Play/Stop. D:All track start. etc…

About long press, with mc6 mk1 maybe i’m wrong but it seems that we can’t adjust delay , it’s locked at 600ms.

Hope i answered u and u understand me, english is not easy for me!

Thanks, Kaosmos. That was very useful and your English is perfect!



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