MC6 MK1 with Boss RC-500: CC signals causing glitches when clock is active

I’m running the following MIDI signal chain: Ableton Live > RME Babyface Pro MIDI out > MC6 MK1 > Boss ES8 > MIDI Hub > RC 500

The problem is: whenever I have an active MIDI clock enabled on the RC-500 and I press a button on the MC6 while a loop is running, the loop is glitching for a bit. I have mapped the basic loop record, stop and reverse commands on the MC6, but I even get glitches when I switch preset banks on the MC6.
This doesn’t happen when I send the MIDI clock signal via USB to the RC-500 with the MIDI clock through the MIDI port. It also doesn’t happen when I use the buttons on the RC-500 to e.g. start/stop loops.
So I’m assuming there might be a problem with the MC6 merging the clock signal with the CC commands I’m triggering through it? Is this a problem of the MC6 and could it be resolved using a dedicated MIDI merging device?

Yes, if you use a dedicated merging device to merge the signals from the MC6MKI and RME Baby Face Pro out to the ES8, the issue should be resolved.

This problem is fixed in the MKII. I tried but we really can’t compile any more code changes or improvements into the MKI - we have used up all the available RAM.

Thanks for the heads-up James! I just ordered a MIDI merger and will update this post to tell if it resolved the issue :+1:

Update: It works now with the MidiSolutions Merger.

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