MC6 Mk1 - how to save MIDI Thru setting

Hi, I’m using the MC6 Mk1 and want the Midi Thru to always be off. To switch it off I enter Controller Settings, press the D button to switch Midi Thru to “off”, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save that setting. The setting works correctly until I switch off. Next time I switch on, Midi Thru is back “on” again. Is there a way to save that setting? Or will I always need to enter Controller Settings and reset it each time I power it up?

I appreciate this is a discontinued product, but the MC6 Mk1 remains an awesome bit of kit, and I’ve used it happily for a few years now. (I’ll be upgrading to an MC8 as soon as gig earnings start coming in again, post-COVID).

Thank you.

hey @Rossco !

What firmware are you using? I just tested on the latest firmware v2.6.2 and it’s working fine there.

Ah! I’m on 2.5.0, I thought that was the latest (the manual says 2.5.0). I’ll update to the latest and try again! Will let you know, thanks.

Hi @james, I just updated to 2.6.2 and it’s the same. Is there an action I need to take to save that MIDI thru setting? Or should it retain the setting automatically? I’ve tried pressing D + E but that doesn’t appear to do the trick.

thanks for the update! ok let me check on this and get back to you by this weekend

hey @Rossco, ok I see the bug. I’ll release an update over the next few days.

Cool, thanks @james, appreciate it!

Hello. I’m having this exact issue with the MC6 PRO. I’m updated to the latest firmware. 3.11.2 and I’m trying to turn on “Cross MIDI Thru.” Every time I exit Editor mode and then reopen it again to check it is switched off.

Trying to gain access to all of my Strymon pedals/Nixie… and I can’t make it happen. HELP! :slight_smile:

MC6 PRO does not have any Cross MIDI Thru setting…

More info here on using it with Nixie: Using Strymon Nixie with Morningstar Controllers

Is that why that setting in editor keeps switching off? That’s how the manual online says to connect strymon stuff through the midi of the MC6 pro.

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Can you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing the Cross MIDI Thru setting in the editor for the MC6 PRO?