MC6 Mk1 and Sheeran Looper

Hey all!

I’ve been using my MC6 Mk1 faithfully for years and decided to try a new use for it - to expand the options on my New Sheeran Looper, but I can’t figure out how to set it up properly for the midi signals I want to use - and been trying for a few days - if anyone can give me suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

It seems the Sheeran Looper works on Midi notes

Track A - Midi note 78 to Button A
Track B - Midi note 79 to Button B
Fade - Midi note 34 - to Button C
Undo/redo - Midi note 45 to Button D
Reverse - Midi note 29 to Button E
Clear - Midi note 49 to Button F

And i’m not sure if it’s easier to program the MC6 using the web based midi editor or right on the pedal

I personally prefer the editor to program the MC, because of the better overview.
If you’ve been using the MC for years I guess you already know how it functions in principle.
I think that whatever issue you got comes down to the implementation of midi note messages on the looper.
Can you give some detail on what exactly the issue is?

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Hey GuitarWolf!

I had bought the pedal maybe 9 years ago, and set it up for use with my AxeFX, and haven’t changed anything on it since.

I can connect it to the editor and also get into the programming mode, but I’m unclear as to what has to be changed in order to now use it with my Sheeran Looper +, based on the settings in the pictures I included. I’ve tried changing several settings (i.e. "select Track B - midi note 79), to #79, but nothing seems to have an effect.

I also looked on the forums to see if anyone else has tried hooking up an MC6 to a Sheeran looper, but as the Sheeran pedal is quite new, it looks like i’m the first one!

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated

I’ve had a look at the manual. It’s not conclusive. But let’s try anyway.

First you’ll have to check the connection and the general midi settings of the sheeran. What midi channel is it on? Some devices have options to turn off midi entirely etc.
A good way to check the connection is always to try to send midi clock to the device.

Once you’ve checked that, let’s try to set up a toggle on the MC to switch tracks of the sheeran.

I’d try something like this, since midi note messages come usually in pairs (note on/off)
I chose midi channel 1 in this example, you’ll have to change that to whatever channel your looper is on.

If the MC 6 can’t toggle presets (I’m not sure if the mk I can) just programm the first two messages to one preset and the next two messages to another one. Ignore message 5 in that case.