MC6 MK II .... Toggle Mode + Preset Blink ..... can this be done (?)

Hi all again :slight_smile:

Got the MC6 MKII and Iridium all working fine.

Just wondering of the following is possible.

Currently I have TOGGLE MODE ON and PRESET BLINK ON and when I press each switch they TOGGLE the name and BLINK as they should

The Problem ?

=> if, say, I press FSW D and the FSW E … -both- FSW D -and- FSW E keep TOGGLING and BLINKING (?)

My Question ?

As I move from FSW to FSW - is there a way to make the previously hit FSW STOP Toggling and Blinking and only have the most recently pressed FSW be the only one Toggling and Blinking (?)

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Yes, that is possible. More info here: Blink only the last engaged Preset

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The manuals and help articles are superb James - I don’t think enough credit is given for the recent makeover and additional docs. Top stuff!

I have a quick similar question about blinking.
If I have a preset blinking in bank A then move to another Bank is it possible to still have the present blinking when I return to bank A ??

At the moment mine stops blinking when I return to the bank

@BenIfin - I would (personally) recommend getting into the habit of using the explicit set toggle message rather than using the bank level setting for this.

That’s because if you need a bank where you want some presets to be exclusive and some presets to be additive (for example, preset a is your chorus pedal and preset b is your delay pedal, and you want to be able to have either pedal on OR both pedals on) then you’ll need to use the toggle message to achieve the latter…

Thanks all for the great advice.

moley6knipe - I will look into that too - great suggestion and many thanks :slight_smile:

james - worked a treat :slight_smile:

Many thanks again - now one final post to post and then Im done wiht this amazing peice of grear :slight_smile: