MC6 Mk II - Omni port issue

Interesting issue - I am connecting a TRS Midi cable to Omni Port 2 and the MC6 is going a little crazy - like it’s receiving Expression messages.

I have both ports set to Tip Active to control 2 Strymon pedals. Omniport 1 works fine and sends messages to either pedal when connected.

I haven’t seen this one. VIdeo below.

MC 6 issue

Another note, it doesn’t matter if there is a pedal connected. Plugging in any TRS cord triggers the behaviour.

Looks like the omniport is still set to Expression. Did you restart the controller after saving?

Hi James,


Yes, I did the normal restart that happens when saving controller settings. I also powered down and back up again.

Both Expression Ports are showing “MIDI Out - Tip Active” after the restarts.

Thanks for the info. Can you let me know what firmware version the MC6 is running?

Will do tonight. Thx.


Not seeing a message to update when I open the editor.

Thanks, yes that is the latest version. Can you just do an “all banks” controller backup and share with me the file so I can take a look at your settings?
If both omniports are set to MIDI Out then the exp should not engage at all (by software design as the exp features are disabled).

Hi James,

Here is the backup file: Morningstar_MC6_MKII_All_Banks_Backup_20230530_193545.json - Google Drive