MC6 MK II ........ is it a " USB Host " (?)

Hi all !

I have a Nux Amp Academy and an MC6 MKII.

The Nux Amp Academy only has and accepts Midi I/O only from its built-in USB C Port - it has no DIN Ports.

Normally the Nux Amp Academy requires a separate “USB Host Box” to convert 5 Din Midi to USB C so it can see and receive and send Midi.

I was wondering:-

=> is the MC6 MKII -amongst other things- also a USB Host ?

=> if so does it need activation / setup in the menu’s ?

=> if it is, can I use the USB Type B Port to send to the USB C ?

=> or does it have to be 5 DIN Midi to USB C ? [which I can make ]


Hi. The MC6 Mk2 is a USB device. As you correctly pointed out, a MIDI USB host is required for it to communicate with another USB device (in this case the Nux).

Thank you for this information :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey @james have you considered making a stand alone midi host device?
I know there available elsewhere but given the choice I would prefer to buy from MorningStar.

Would be great to see a MC6 mk3 that had USB host built-in. @james

I don’t think we’ll make a standalone MIDI host device but look out for it in the Pro series!

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