MC6 Mk II / Editor Issues

I’m using the Morningstar Editor v1.3.5.5 with an MC6 Mk II running FS v3.1.1
I am encountering many problems with connecting to the editor. I’ve used both my MacBook Pro and a Windows PC laptop in my attempt, and am having limited success. I can occasionally connect, but if I make any changes, then click “disconnect”, the editor will not reconnect without restarting both the MC6 and the editor. This never occurred before the most recent editor and FW updates. I’ve tested with multiple USB cables to eliminate that as a variable. I performed full factor resets on the MC6 in an attempt to address the problem. No luck.

Everything was working perfectly prior to the latest Morningstar Editor and MC6 FW update. Ideas? At this point, the MC6 isn’t doing me any good on my touring board, and I’m considering options in advance of an upcoming run of shows.