MC6 MK II & BOSS GT1000 CORE ...... quick Preset Up / Preset Down Question (?)

Hi all !

I have my trusty MC6 MK II and a new BOSS GT1000 Core pedal - the small baby of the full GT1000.

A quick Preset Up / Preset Down Question.

I want to set up a 1 x Preset UP FSW and 1 x Preset Down FSW on my MC6 MK II however when I press each FSW just once … I want it to to jump UP or jump DOWN by 3 Presets not just a single Presets (?)

=> is this doable ?

=> if so, Im a bit lost / could use a quick guide ?

Many thanks,

Yes, you can do it like this:

Msg 1 just sends the value using the selected counter
Msg 2 increments/decrements the counter based on your selected step value

Huge Thanks !!! :grinning: :+1:

Hey James !

I made the cable but could only access a 3.5mm TRS headphone audio Jack.

Reason I ask is that as a result I am getting erratic midi triggering / inconsistent Midi PC / Midi CC triggering.

Is this because I used an 3.5mm TRS headphone audio Jack (?) and not a specific Type A 3.5mm Midi Jack (?)


Hi, TRS is always the same. Type A and Type B refers to the connection of the pins and the TRS plug. The schematic you’ve posted is from the official Roland/Boss website and shows the connection of the boss bmidi adapter plug. This plug is a Type A 5 pin to TRS adapter. That’s the standard Boss has been using since they introduced TRS midi. My guess is that you’ve soldered your cables wrong. The pins shown in the schematic are from the point of view of the BACK of the 5 pin plug