MC6 MK 2 and Boss Core ..... Bank Up and Bank Down Needs a "Double Press" to Start Working?

Hi all / Morningstar !

Am running FW 3.12.6 … same issue with previous FW’s … posted for this a while ago but still cant fix it :frowning:

%100 Good Part 1 = my MC6 MK 2 FSW buttons A, B, D and E are all working and triggering and following commands perfectly

% 99.5 Good Part 2 = my MC6 MK 2 FSW buttons F [Up FSW] and C [Down FSW] are %99.5 working as I want - except for one issue

The issue is best described with the following example:-

(a) when I first turn on my MC6 …… if I hit the Up [F] FSW, it will respond correctly with just one press …. and it will keep responding correctly with just one press as long as I just keep using that one Up Button

(b) if I then want to use the Down [C] FSW … I have to press it twice to get it to move the first time -and after that initial double-press …… then I can can keep pressing it once to keep going in that one direction

(c) if I then however want to go back and press the Up [F] FSW …… see (b) above … double-press followed by single presses

(d) and so an and so on etc……

Its got me beat.

If possible, can someone please have a look at my 2 x attached .json files and advise if there is something I have “got wrong” that is causing this issue (?)

→ MY BANK.json

Many thanks in advance.

MY BANK.json (19 KB)
MY SETTINGS.json (10.3 KB)


I use a MC8 with a Boss GT1000Core. I designed an interface to scroll up and down patches using a Counter. If I hold down the corresponding footswitch, it scrolls through multiple patches.

Morningstar has a video on this Counter function.

Good luck!

Thanks. Had a look. Nothing immediately obvious that fixed my issue :frowning:

Can you please post a screen shot of just say your " Up " Patches settings ?

Mine looks like this:-


Turn off Toggle mode.

Sorry … " Turn Off Toggle " mode did not fix it :frowning:

Hi, I think message 2 is redundant. Try without it

Hi. I removed Message 2 and just have it as follows:-

It now all works with just One Up Press or One Down … however … without any additional message it only moves up or down by a Single Pre-set at a time … what I want and had -and want to fix is adding another message for the Up and Down to work with one single press -but- move up or down by 2 pre-sets ie: from 1 to 3 to 5 or 5 to 3 to 1 etc… without having to use or need any double-presses.

Any thoughts / suggestion on what to add (?) to get it to work this way with just single presses (?)

Many thanks,


It may not be the “prettiest” MC6 MK2 Programming solution, but the following 3 images and the settings therein allow me to fix all my “issues” from my OP:-

=> Go UP or DOWN by 2 x Pre-sets at a time with only ever just One FSW Press
=> No Double Pressing needed at any time or any stage
=> These settings work perfectly when either or both the GT Core or MC6 MK 2 is turned off or on, or either unit is disconnected and reconnected
=> In my case I am going Up and/or Down over 8 Pre-sets with only 4 Single Presses … but you can add / change as needed for whatever range you need

Thanks to all for the help and suggestions ! :slight_smile:

UP Setting

Down Setting

Scroll Range