MC6/MC8 paired with Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus


New to MIDI controller game… I want to get a MIDI controller device for my pedalboard and have heard amazing things about the MCX product line. Would appreciate any feedback or advice on if what I’m looking to do is possible.

I currently have a Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus footswitch that has 8 contiguous loops for pedals and also has a MIDI IN and OUT. I have 3 MIDI pedals, Strymon BigSky, Timeline and Mobius. The PX-8 does have some MIDI capabilities, but I really want to expand what I can do with the Strymon pedals as well as future MIDI capable pedals, without losing the PX-8 as my primary footswitch.

Would something like this be possible:

PX-8 Plus(MIDI OUT) ==>MC6(MIDI IN)==>MC6(MIDI OUT)==>BigSky(MIDI IN)==>BigSky(MIDI OUT)==>Finish out the chain for the Timeline and Mobius

I want to continue to utilize my PX-8 as my only footswitch for presets on stage, but add the advanced capabilities of the MCX MIDI Controller with my 3 Strymon pedals.

For example (hang with me, I’m learning)…

Press PX-8 Plus preset X, which currently does send a PC message and allows me to control the Strymon presets if mapped properly (depending on pedal), but since that MIDI PC message in the chain example above could go from the PX-8 to the MCX first, can the MCX then trigger CC messages and send those CC messages to each Strymon pedal to invoke MIDI CC controllable settings on those pedals? So if I have an expression pedal connected to the MCX or a switch that allows me to control which pedal I am using the EX pedal with, will the EX pedal be able to control those Strymon pedal parameters with the added functionality of the MCX MIDI Controller?

I hope that makes sense. I want to expand my MIDI capabilities/programmability, but I don’t want to add an additional foot switch device to change presets with and prefer to continue using only the PX-8 Plus.

Any feedback is appreciated.

All do-able. You’ll end using the MC though, guarantee it. It’s epic.

For this scenario though, as long as your controller can send CC and PC commands to the MC, the MC can then trigger “stuff”. For example, use your controller to get the MC to Engage Preset.

More in the manual:

For expression: as long as the pedal downstream of the MC can be controlled by Expression CCs, the MC can send expression to it

Ah! I’ve read the voodoo labs manual now, and it’s a loop switcher. So if it were me I’d be using the MC to control your midi capable pedals directly (they won’t need to go via the audio loops in the voodoo, you can enable/disable them directly from the MC) and send midi from the MC to the voodoo to control your non-MIDI pedals.

I think you’ll find it easier long term to use the MC as the brains. For example, the pedals you mention are available in MC editor’s midi dictionary so one click to add a function in those pedals. And if (say) MIDI channel 1 PC0 engages the Chorus loop on your voodoo, just store that in MC editor’s User Library and again, one click to add it to a preset.

Hi! Curious to know if you ever sorted this out. I have a mix of midi and non-midi pedals, all currently looped in a PX-8 Plus, but would like to pull the Strymon Timeline and Free the Tone TriAvatar out of the loop so I can run them stereo between the PX-8 Plus and amps. I think I could do this with an MC6 with a set-up similar to what you described above. Do you have the chain you sketched out working?