MC6 + Logic Pro SOS - any help much appreciated!

hi there - anyone here able to assist setting up a morningstar controller (MC6 in my case) to work with Logic Pro as a foot controller for transport functions or sending other midi cc messages to control various aspects in VST plugins such as Kontakt? The recent Ableton & Neural videos were exciting and I’m hoping to replicate that kind functionality in Logic. I am having a really tough time with this even though it seems fairly straightforward on the surface. Extremely likely I’m missing some basic steps here so any help/suggestions would be VERY welcome.

I have the MC6 recognized as an MIDI input for Logic. I first tried using the Morningstar web editor to program various functions. For eg. programming on switch A, the keystroke ‘R’ to record. However nothing happens in Logic when I press switch A on the MC6.

I have also tried using Logic’s Controller Assignments to Learn midi keystrokes. I can see the various function being “learned” but again nothing happens in Logic when I exit the Controller Assignment window and try to use the relevant switches. Also if I then check the bank settings on the Morningstar web editor, nothing has changed.

All in all, am a bit lost! If anyone has got this to work or has any idea what I’m doing wrong, I’d love to hear from you.


Welcome! Have you disconnected the MC from the editor before pressing the switches?

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hey - no, I haven’t! Checking that right away.

It doesn’t seem to be a factor when I’m making edits on the MC6 presets for my HX Stomp as I do those in real time.

EDIT: doesn’t make any difference whether its connected or disconnected from the editor in terms of getting Logic to respond. When the editor IS connected, I see logic’s midi activity indicator light up which suggests it is receiving some midi information.

hi @moley6knipe - thanks again for that tip. I did a system restart and tried this again and it’s working as expected!

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