MC6 Invalid Signature

I have an MC6 and today when I tried yo install the new Firmware 3.8.3. or 3.8.2 I got the error “Invalid Signature” and I can’i install it and nothing works.

Please, can anyone hepl me?


Hi! I have just replied to your email. Will require a little more information first before we can provide the solution.

Hi James,
Done! Everything works fine with the new firmware.
Great service!

Thanks a lot!

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Hi jame

my mc6 have the same problem after i upload the latest firmware v3_10,
“Invalid Signature” message show up on mc3 screen and stop responding.

please help !!

did you backup your data? if so, try holding down all 3 switches - the controller should do a factory reset.

If you did not, please drop us an email

its fixed !!!

thanks so much !