MC6 immediately freezes after starting up [solved]

Hi James,

My MC6 freezes immediately after starting up the device. I disconnected all other cables, updated to the latest stable firmware 3.10.1 (this still seems to work) but still no reaction if I push a button. Also the editor (regular) does not connect, although it recognises the device in the dropdown list. So now I’m not able to put in a previous backup… Please let me know what to do.


The funny thing is, it does run the startup midi actions. The buttons just don’t react.

I also followed the Firmware Upload Failure Instructions, however without any luck. Buttons are still frozen…

Found it! Custom sequence does not work when referring to presets in banks that are not in the custom sequence…

Thanks for the update.

Yes, one thing we need to change is changing the bank selected for Engage Preset to be the underlying 30 banks instead of the custom bank sequence. We have changed this for Bank Jump but not yet for Engage Preset.

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