MC6 II & HX Stomp - is this possible?

Hi all,

Brand new here.

I have ordered an HX Stomp and an MC6. They have not arrived yet but I’m already thinking about ways to manage things and I’m curious if this is possible.

I want to program the MC6 to call up specific presets for songs, but I want to be able to activate the Snapshots and have engage/bypass control of the blocks on the HX Stomp, per snapshot.

Is it possible to program a single button (1A for example) to:

  1. Recall a preset on the HX
  2. Set the HX to Snapshot mode
  3. Switch the MC6 to another “utility” bank (say, bank 30) that would have all the blocks assigned to the buttons for easy on/off toggling? And while on the “utility bank” would it be possible for the status of each button to update when switching Snapshots on the HX? (Is it even possible to set up the MC6 to switch its own banks, or would I have to instruct the HX to do this?)

And lastly, when the song is over is there a way to return to Bank 1 (long press or something?) in order to choose preset 1B, 1C, 1D etc etc and have the same sequence of events happen?

Hope this all makes sense and thank you!

I too am using the MC6 with the HX Stomp - they work very well together.
your #1 - yes
#2, You can put the HXS in snapshot mode using CC71, but if I understand your scenario, I think the HXS would just stay in Snapshot mode, but it’s not a bad idea to send it the CC71 just to make sure…
• you can configure the MC6 to change itself to another bank
• that bank can be set up to toggle blocks on/off in the HXS
• regarding “HXS sending status to MC6 upon snapshot change”. I can’t say. my rig is setup for one way midi communication from the MC6 to the HXS, so I haven’t tried this. That said, my hunch is “I don’t think so”
#Lastly, yes, you can set up a long-press (for example) to switch the MC6 back to the “Home” bank you have set up.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m glad to hear that my idea will mostly work. If I can get the “snapshot updating the MC6” bit working, I’ll be sure to report back.

@Eckoes Eckoes

I just read this and wondered how you made out. It’s an interesting setup idea.


It’s working great for the most part, but I can’t get the Stomp to tell the MC6 what state the blocks are in.

So for example, if I switch to a snapshot that has blocks engaged and I want to switch it off, the MC6 first sends a ‘toggle position 1’ message which gets ignored by the Stomp, so I have to hit the button again to send a ‘toggle position 2’ message.

If I can just figure out how to fix that this system will be perfect for me.

Yep. That’s what I was wondering about, specifically. So it’s an extra press. Would be nice to have 2- way communication there. An extra press is not a huge deal as long as you remember that fact, I suppose.

So, is there any reason to have the MIDI out from the Stomp connected back to the MC?

I have the MC8 and HX Stomp and I use the Global Toggles for all those toggles that I want to remember. The initial state matches the preset on the HXS and any presses on the MC8 change the toggle status and are reflected on the HXS. More importantly you can refer to the same toggle state from any button if you need to reflect the behaviour on other banks, something I def use a lot. Means you have to setup an innitial state rather than read the status on the Stomp (or other pedals) though.

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I wish I understood this better.

I’ll have to look into Global Toggles.

The best thing would be for the HX to send toggle states to the MC6 but I don’t know if that’s possible.

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So this is roughly like setting up snapshots on the MC itself, correct? I presume you could match the MC state to the HX state but the states wouldn’t really be relevant- meaning the MC doesn’t care about the snapshot state, you just happened to set it up to match. Is this correct?

That’s what it sounds like to me.

That is right, neither device really has a global view of what is set that is shareable with another device, MIDI does not support it, just messages telling devices to change program or change control. I usually have a button on the mc8 that sets say a clean tone. It sends messages to hxs to select a preset and a snapshot. It sends messages to the separate mod pedals and delay and reverb pedals to set their presets. The mc8, if you use global toggles, remembers these states. Any changes then work from this known state. It can be fooled, ie if you turn off yr delay pedal at the pedal not via the mc8. But going back to the clean tone preset resets everything. Not sure if this helps . . .

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Thank you! This indeed helps very much.

I haven’t tried it, but you could give this a shot (if you want to specifically use snapshot mode on the HX and ‘stompbox’ style on the MC):

Set up HX Stomp switches 1 2 & 3 in Command Center to send different sets of CC messages (I don’t know how many midi messages the HX stomp can send at one time, so that will be the kicker) which trigger the set/clear toggle state of the MC6 presets, depending on your snapshot settings.

Check the MIDI implementation chart for the MC6 and you’ll find the set/clear toggle info, and you might find some other cool solutions in there that you can trigger from the HX stomp.

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