MC6 + HX Stomp - block-switching

Hi there,

I recently purchased the MC6 to control the HX Stomp and I’m very happy with it. Nevertheless, i have a small problem that i cannot solve.
It’s about switching different blocks on and off. I have programmed the individual switches exactly as described in the first part of your video: Line 6 HX Stomp with Morningstar MC6 MkII Midi Controller - YouTube
This really works wonderfully with the snapchots on the HX Stomp.

But the problem is that when I start the MC6 or change a bank, all six blocks on the MC 6 are OFF, even though some corresponding blocks on the stomp are turned ON in the snapchots.
Is there any way to synchronize the blocks of the Stomp and the MC6?
I think I need to connect the MIDI output of the HX Stomp with the MIDI input of the MC6 (currently I work only in one direction: MC6 MIDI-OUT -> STOMP MIDI-IN).
Do I have to change any other settings in addition, or is this function ( synchronization of the blocks of HX Stomp with the MC6) simply not possible?
Any tips?


Hi Fabi81,

You’ll need to have connected MIDI output of the HX Stomp with the MIDI input of the MC6. Morningstar has a useful video on this it should work, although I’m having trouble getting it to work.