MC6 & HX Effects

Hi all!

I have an issue with my HX Effects and MC6. I’ve got the MC6 Setup to change snapshots on the bank selected on the HX Effects. All fine but since I reloaded/restored both MC6 and HX Effects backups (after Updates) I’ve noticed that when I select a Snapshot - the second press is switching it back to the previous snap option. Happy to add more detail if needed but I’m not sure if its a simple case of reloading it or if I’ve set the commands up wrong on the MC6 or HX.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated (planning to do a full restore again this weekend as another test!)

On the HX Effects check in Global Settings/Preferences/Snap Reselect . It is probably set to Toggle Previous instead of Reload.

@jmay214 - good call, one to check! I had wondered if I’d borked a global setting on the HX - thank you!

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@jmay214 - the global setting was set as you mentioned! changed and now life is good! thank you!