MC6 + Hotone Switch

I connected a Hotone Ampero switch to the MC6’s “Exp2 in” with TRS cable. The global setting is “aux switch”.
In the editor I only see 12 presets for each bank. Hotone switch “A” sends a midi message when I program MC6 preset “J” , Hotone switch “B” when I program MC6 preset “K” .
How to assign “separate” midi message to the 2 Hotone switch?
Latest FW.


What do you mean by “separate MIDI messages”? There are 12 presets on the MC6 and the Aux Sw in Omniport 1 engages Presets G, H, and I, while Omniport 2 engages Presets J, K and L.


then I misunderstood.
i thought the 2 external switches could be assigned to a midi cc message regardless of the 12 presets. then so I can actually use the 2 presets on page 2 without switching to page 2.

i need the 12 presets in the banks, with the plus 2 switch i wanted to send the message “Toggle page CC” and “Bank 1 CC” to the MC8.