MC6/Fractal integration - can it be extended to syncing effects state?

I have the MC6, it’s a great unit and head and shoulders beyond any other MIDI controller I’ve ever used, in terms of power and programming simplicity. I have Fractal integration implemented and working. The only additional feature I’d love to see would be syncing of effect block states in the MC6 display. It must be possible, as other non-Fractal controllers can do it (at least they advertise that they can, I have not used one). Thanks for any input on this.


We have not really dived into effect blocks on the Fractal yet, only up to the Scene level. By effect blocks, you mean you want the MC6 to display up to 6 effects on the screen and then show their state which allows you to toggle on/off each effect?

James, thanks for the reply.

Yes, ideally I’d like the MC6 to show the state of chosen FM3 effect blocks, and allow on/off toggling for those effects. Obviously, the MC6 can do the toggling part right now, but the effect blocks state is not synced with the FM3.

Thanks again, great little unit you’ve created.

Tom Hyzy

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Oh yes! That would be a great feature! To have an Effects Select screen!
If that screen would also have the possibility to quit with the CC#61 - Value 0 message, it would allow to emulate almost completely the OMG9/OMG15 footswitches from Fractal.

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