MC6/Fractal integration - can it be extended to syncing effects state?

I have the MC6, it’s a great unit and head and shoulders beyond any other MIDI controller I’ve ever used, in terms of power and programming simplicity. I have Fractal integration implemented and working. The only additional feature I’d love to see would be syncing of effect block states in the MC6 display. It must be possible, as other non-Fractal controllers can do it (at least they advertise that they can, I have not used one). Thanks for any input on this.


We have not really dived into effect blocks on the Fractal yet, only up to the Scene level. By effect blocks, you mean you want the MC6 to display up to 6 effects on the screen and then show their state which allows you to toggle on/off each effect?

James, thanks for the reply.

Yes, ideally I’d like the MC6 to show the state of chosen FM3 effect blocks, and allow on/off toggling for those effects. Obviously, the MC6 can do the toggling part right now, but the effect blocks state is not synced with the FM3.

Thanks again, great little unit you’ve created.

Tom Hyzy

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Oh yes! That would be a great feature! To have an Effects Select screen!
If that screen would also have the possibility to quit with the CC#61 - Value 0 message, it would allow to emulate almost completely the OMG9/OMG15 footswitches from Fractal.

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This would be a great feature

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@james do we have any possibility to see the fx status integration for mc6/pro/mc8 with fractal audio axe fx 3?

It won’t be in the next update. We can explore for the one after. We have not thought of a good implementation and execution for this yet.

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Is there any update on this request? It would be SO useful, even if it could be achieved outside of the Fractal implementation.

I wad hopping for the same.
But then I had to go for a gig. I went for the Midi block in the FM3 to send the effect status. Works perfectly.
Ok it’s a bit of configuration but honestly once you get out it’s but a big deal and it gets the job done. I always right the fc6 was too expensive. Now I thing I can get more options using the mc6 pro :man_shrugging:t2:

@Loikkito, If I understand correctly, you have the FM3 sending the effect state to an MC6 Pro, using MIXI generated by the FM3. Could you please give some more information on how you set this up?


FM3 Midi Channel 1

MC6 Midi Channel 2

FM3 Midi In to MC6 Midi Out

FM3 Midi Out to MC6 Midi In

On the MC6, I assign the effects I want in the presets (A → Reverb, B → Delay etc)

On the FM3, I assigned a CC to the effects I need

I added the Midi Block (no need to connect it to other blocks)

The first line is to clear all status (“NUMBER=3” means “all presets”, VALUE=127 means “Clear Toggle”)

Each following line activate the toggle on the MC6 according to which effect is active when I change Scene on the FM3 (NUMBER=2 means “Set Toggle”, VALUE=0 to 5 means “Preset A to F”)

@Loikkito , thank you very much for your thorough reply! I will give this a try as soon as possible.

I can share the FM3 layout and MC6 bank if you Want

@Loikkito , thanks, but I want to try setting it up on my own, to make sure I understand it.

@Loikkito , I think I understand how this works, but correct me if I’m wrong:
On each scene change, the FM3 sends a group of MIDI CC messages to the MC6. Those messages clear the indicated MC6 toggles (presumably for a group of effects), then sets the toggle for the effects that are engaged in that particular scene. So, if (for example) delay and chorus are engaged in that scene, the MIDI message would send a “toggle” message to those 2 MC6 presets, so that they will indicate the state of that effect.

Does that sound right? Thanks again for putting together your response, I appareciate the time you took.

@Loikkito, thanks for your messages on this, I get it. This isn’t exactly what we’re hoping for from the MC6, but it is another approach. Using your system, the user can “tell” the MC6 which effects are “On” for a given scene, toggling those when the scene is selected.
Ideally,. the MC6 would detect the state of effects upon switching to a scene, which would not require the user to program in the On/Off state for each scene in a given preset.
Thank you again for the information, it’s not something I’ve ever used before on the FM3.

@TomHyzy , yes I was preparing a message to detail you the process, that you summurize with “tell the MC6” :wink:.
Indeed no what we would love to see in the MC6 Fractal Integration, clearly.
No perfect, but that does the trick :man_shrugging:t2:.
The status sync is the only thing I am missing in the MC6, otherwise it is more powerfull than an FC6 I think :slightly_smiling_face: (and much less expensive in Europe).

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This is definitely worth a try with my MC6 MkII, thanks @Loikkito although will take a fair bit of programming across multiple presets.

@james , the Voes midi controllers seem to be able to recognise effects toggle states when loading presets on Fractal modellers- is there any prospect of this being possible on the Morningstar controllers with a future firmware update?

I’ve got an MC6 MkII and an MC8 and use them with both a Fractal FM3 and an HX Stomp - this functionality would be a phenomenal addition.

Thanks for the info! Yes, it is possible to get effect state info from the AxeFX3, FM3 etc but the problem is that we have not thought of a good way to implement this yet.

@james, I could envision a third state of Fractal Integration mode, wherein the MCx would display the effect state for a user-selectable number of effects. The method given by @Loikkito works, but can still get out of sync with the Fractal device, so actually pulling the effect state would still be a better solution.