MC6 EXP1&2 with BOSS EV30


First of all : MC6 is a very good product , very powerfull and opened. I use it with a KPA and Ableton live : :+1: :+1::slight_smile:

But I wish use an expression pedal Boss EV30 connected to EXP1 and EXP2 for controling 2 track volume in Ableton Live β†’ It’s not very reliable : sometimes ok , sometimes not ; the midi messages sent are not ok ( i use a sniffer : miditools ).

…I know , maybe the problem is the EV30 ( 1 physical pedal / 2 logical pedals )

But maybe some body can tell me if this process is ok :

I use 2 presets ( one by logical EXP ) with 2 messages in each :
1st mess on release = expression cc value 0-127
2nd mess press = expression cc value 0
I calibrate each logicals pedals ( i connect only the pedal i want to calibrate )

Thank you for all
Best regards Phil

I answer to my post :grinning:
I think the problem is from Exp EV30 when i use its 2 OT with MC6 only.
The Boss EV30 is ok when i use its 2 OT with MC6 and another midi controler.

For information i change my process of control volume track in Ableton live :
I use CC with sequencer engines : it’s works fine