MC6 + EHX Triple Foot Controller


I use the EHX triple foot controller (Triple Foot Controller | Remote Footswitch - Electro-Harmonix) as an aux switch (for switches G, H and I). It is connected via TRS cable to the Aux1 input on the MC6.

I have programmed the switches G and I for “Bank Up” and “Bank Down”.

My problem is that if I hit switch G (Bank Down) several times, it works most of the time. But sometimes it goes one bank up instead of one bank down (maybe once from 5 times).

Do you see an explanation for this.

Is the EHX triple switch not 100% compatible?

I have already tried to connect different TRS cables, but unfortunately without success.

I would be glad about a short answer.

Best regards

What firmware are you running on your MC6? Some bugs with aux switches fixed recently… would recommend backing up and then upgrading to 3.9.6

If you’re upgrading from version 3.8.x do read the release notes carefully!

Also - the EHX is ok, a few users on here (including me).