MC6 display freakout!

Hello! I’ve been using my MC6 for a few years now in varying capacities. I love the flexibility and reliability of the unit. So much so that when I saw the Pro was announced, I bought one! I haven’t gotten that integrated into our show just yet.

I use the MC6 to control Ableton Live for our show. For the first time this weekend, when plugging it in the screen was blank. I could see it was ‘illuminated’ but no characters were showing on it. Unplugged and tried again, still nothing. I pressed the buttons I have programmed, and thankfully they still worked as I expected… but the display was still blank. I took the bottom off figuring the ribbon cable for the display maybe came loose or something, but it looked fine.

So, continued with the evening, and about half way through the show, the display suddenly started showing what’s in the attached photo… the block cursor on the right hand side was flashing as well. I was suddenly super concerned about what it ‘might’ do… would it continue operating as I expect? Would it suddenly send messages that I’m not triggering? It was a very anxious hour or so as we finished our show.

Anyone seen this before? I’ve not tried to do anything with it since, but it’s on my radar this week.

Does restarting the unit resolve the issue? I would suggest trying to re-fit the ribbon cable i.e remove the 4 screws holding the circuit board down (+ omniport nuts) and then remove the ribbon cable and the fit it back again.

It should be purely a contact issue with the LCD. It won’t send MIDI messages on it’s own.

I did restart it several times to see if I could get things straight. It continued to just have a blank screen. While I took the back off of it, I realized some disassembly would be required to get at that ribbon cable. I just didn’t have time to do it, so I replaced the back and hoped for the best. Like I said it worked as I had hoped it would, it was just a little concerning is all. I plan to take it apart this week now that I’m home and do just what you said - re-seat the cable and see what happens. It’s been a great unit, and I’m very careful with my gear- I was surprised to see it happening.

Or it could be the universe telling me to transfer my settings to the MC6 Pro I just received. :rofl:

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