MC6 display distorted

I’ve got a MC6 with updated firmware that the display texts are distorted on. It was functioning without issue until recently. Any idea what could cause this?

I would backup the MC6 and do a factory reset to see if the display comes back normal. If it doesn’t appear normal after the reset, the display part itself might be defective.

I have replied via email but will include the response here as well.

Looks like a LCD issue.

What you can try to do is:

  1. Remove the backplate - there is a trimpot to adjust the contrast at the side. Does adjusting that help?

  2. Remove the circuit board, unplug and reconnect the ribbon cable that connects the board to the LCD and see if that resolves the issue.

If not, we can provide the LCD (if not under warranty then at cost) and it can be swapped easily.


The suggestions worked and all is well! Thanks again, James! Top notch customer service.

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i have a similar issue with my MC3 display. unfortunately brightness and contrast adjustments don’t help ,though. i even disassembled the whole unit includung the display down to it’s smallest disassembeble parts…doesn’t help.
it’s some kind of data bleed issue or something that is happening at the magnet parts of the display i think. i’m no expert.
i attached a photo.

the photo doesn’t do it justice…in real life it’s sometimes really hard to read certain things.

If it is still under warranty, or you need to purchase a spare part, do drop us an email. Could the hex stands securing the LCD be tightened too tightly? Since you have disassembled the unit before - might be worth a try loosening the hex stands a little and see if it resolves the issue.

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james, thanks for the reply and advice.

i think i can use the unit as it is…but as soon as my funds allow it i’ll get in contact for a replacement screen. might be a while though.