MC6 & DD-500 - How to select presets in other banks?

So I’ve tried Googling how to select presets beyond the PC #127 message, but I can’t find anything. :frowning:

I can select every preset in bank 1 using PC messages 0-127, but I can’t select bank 2 or 3. How do I do this?

Can I send MSB data via the MC6? I’ve seen on a few other sites that’s how you select the different banks.


So after more reading and some sleep I’ve figured it out. :tada:

For everyone who has a DD-500 (and possibly other 500 series pedals)…

I have mine setup with the Standard patch set up. This is A/B. So your PC# might be different depending on your set up.

Select Bank 1 of presets (patches 1A-43B)

  • MSG 1 = CC #0 – value: 0
  • MSG 2 = PC 0-127 depending on what patch you’re looking for

Select Bank 2 of presets (patches 44A-86A)

  • MSG 1 = CC #0 – value: 1
  • MSG 2 = PC 0-127 depending on what patch you’re looking for

Select Bank 3 of presets (patches 86B-99B)

  • MSG 1 = CC #0 – value: 2
  • MSG 2 = PC 0-39 depending on what patch you’re looking for

Hope this helps someone looking for a solution like I was!


Thanks, this just what I needed for the MD-500 as well.

This was super helpful - thanks!
Just got boss 500 series preset selection in a way that works for me, though it was a wild ride to get here. Additionally for any other MD-500 + SIMUL mode (series) users out there, be sure to update the firmware version 1.0.3. 1.0.2 had a bug that broke CC 28 and CC 29 demonstrated here.

I went about preset selection a bit differently. I set up each of my 500 boxes to simul mode and midi maps so each PC message targets the A switch of the respective bank. In simul mode, this doesn’t enable / disable the effect but does do a bank jump. If you’re using any other footswitch mode (Normal, A/B/C, SW DN/UP), I’m not sure this will work. So now I send a PC# of the bank I want to switch. Then I use the CC messages 28 (A) and 29 (B) to enable (127) or disable (0) the switch. Setting up the midi map is an arduous manual process so I only changed the mappings of the presets I’m currently using and will have to update the midi map for new presets I make. There’s also no easy way to back up / import the midi map to my knowledge.

Another note is that the boss midi map uses values 1-128. So for example, in my case I mapped PC#4 to target 03A. So now I can send PC#3 (in MC6) which jumps 500 to Bank 3. Then I can send CC#29 127 to activate B switch. I also have a utility bank with a preset called All Off that sends CC#28 0 and CC#29 0 to every 500 pedal that I can Engage Preset from every other preset I use so each one starts in a known state. This allows me to just send the PC and CC messages for the specific 500 effects I want to activate and really cleans up my individual presets.

I hope there’s another 500 user that finds this information useful. They’re very customizable but it also makes midi unintuitive in some aspects.

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