MC6 Controller looses Connection and resets

Hi folks

I’m new there and recently got my MC6.
So far everything went well, I figured out how to configue the device to send the needed CCs to make it act like a Button. I’ve Hooked it up with my MacBook Pro via USB cable and i use it to control various stuff in Gig Performer (a VST-Host for live Performance).

In the next rehearsal it occured twice to me that the controller suddenly lost connection for no appearant reason. The display then showed the init Values and the controller didn’t work anymore. It started working again when i took of the Cable and then reconnected.

The Cable i used is brand new and as far i could see the Power never went off (though i’m not totally sure about this as i was not looking down all the time till it happend).

Anyone have experienced similar problems? Might the Cable be faulty or do you have any other ideas?

Was the Mac running in mains or battery at the time? I know on windows by default, on battery, it’ll disable usb ports to save power. Probably a long shot!

The cable could possibly still be faulty even if brand new. Would be worth a try to use a different cable and see if the issue still exists.

Regarding the controller, do you mean the controller restarted by itself and it not detected by the computer? What do you mean by display init values?

The Mac was indeed running on battery but i never experienced any dropouts on the audio interface that is connected to another usb port. Maybe the MC6 does not draw enough power and the system thinks the port is ideling? Not sure – might have to read a bit about the energy managment on macOS Monterey

I guess i habe to do some more tests if i can replicate the issue with another cable as soon i can get my hands on another (the macbook pro has no more USB A Port and USB C to USB b ist not that common).
By “display init values” i mean the display suddenly showed the Initial text (i think “empty”) like i had not configured the device yet and it stopped sending the right CC Messages to Gig Performer. It stayed in this state untill i reconnected it, then all went back to normal.

Actually, it sounds like maybe the device just toggled to page 2 and the presets there are all not configured yet so that’s why it shows the default EMPTY. The page toggle function could have possibly been triggered by an incoming CC message.

If this happens again, just check that you can still bank up and down on the MC6?

Hmm i didn’t think of that – sounds very plausible!

Thanks a lot for the hint i will check it.
In the meantime i had connected the device for longer time with the existing cable (but without activly doing something in Gig Performer) and experienced no Problems.