Mc6, clock thru

Hello, first post here. I’ve been building out my MIDI setup which includes Eurorack and a pedalboard. I use a NERDSEQ as my master clock when I’m going DAW-less. I’m sending MIDI out with an iConnect MIDI4+ as a hub. One output goes to the MC6 which then has an output to the Hologram Microcosm pedal and through this to the Meris I/O (MIDI Connect → MC6 → Microcosm → Meris I/O → four Meris and Chase Bliss Pedals). All my pedals switch around perfectly. I’m able to use the expression pedal connected to the MC6 with the Microcosm. But, I can’t get MIDI clock to the Microcosm for synchronizing loops and other time based things. When I connect the Microsom downstream a different pathway (MIDI Connect → Novation Summit → Aeros Looper → Microcosm), the clock works fine, but then I can’t send MIDI clock from the MC6 to the pedal… Thanks for any advice!

Which firmware you you running on the MC6? In v3.8, MIDI Clock going into MIDI IN will set the internal BPM, and the MC6 will start generating MIDI Clock. It’s done this way because there are some timing challenges with regards to passing MIDI Clock thru directly.

It was 3.6.2 but I just updated to 3.8.3. I have MIDI Thru on but it doesn’t work. When I use the same MIDI cable that goes into the MC6 and instead plug it into the Microcosm pedal first, the Microcosm clock changes dynamically as it should when I adjust the master clock from my NERDSEQ module in my Eurorack setup. But, having the pedal upstream from the MC6, I lose the capacity to control the Microcosm from the MC6. It seems from what you’ve written, the MC6 should generate MIDI clock in relation to the clock coming into the MIDI in (from the NERDSEQ) and then be able to send this to pedals. I guess that’s the piece I don’t get. I would just like the clock information (and possibly MIDI start, if the Microcosm responds to this) to pass through the MC6 and into my Microcosm (if it doesn’t, is it filtered out or something - could this be addressed in a firmware update?). I don’t even need the MC6 to generate clock (but of course, if it can do so based on the clock received at the MIDI in and transmit this in sync with the rest of the system, that works). Thanks much!

I am also looking to do this, but from a much simpler device: the disaster area designs micro clock. I would essentially like the micro clock to be the global tempo controller that gets pushed through my MC6 mkii to an empress echosystem, specular tempus, and synesthesia.

For my usage, setting up a set list with various songs using different BPMs is a great feature of the mc6, but tempos change on stage. It would be nice to tap on the micro clock to adjust and “correct” or so another musician can see my “blinking light” and get back on time.
Is this a possibility?

Thank you