MC6 CC Expression Noise with Chase Bliss Pedals

hi. I am having a CC Expression Noise problem with the MC6 and Chase Bliss Pedals. I have the Brothers, Bliss Factory, and Mood on a Chase Bliss Midi Box (Disaster Area). I use the Morningstar MC6 and have also H9 so that CC Expression from the MC6 goes to all these Pedals. I run my rig in Stereo. Even without the guitar plugged in there is this “electric” noise whenever I move the passive Expression Pedal (Mission Engineering) attached to the MC6, even with the Midi Cables unplugged. It is as if the CC Expression itself has some interferance with the Brothers and Bliss Factory. I use isolated power to all devices, and the noise is still there. I noticed with the brothers and bliss factory this is worst, and the noise gets louder with gain, even if the guitar is unplugged. Using one of the Expression Out to the Bliss Factory has helped reduce the noise, but the Brothers on high gain still does this electric noise whenever the Expression pedal is being used - it feeds into the signal somehow.

Have others encountered this problem? Any advice please to help solve it? Thanks