MC6 can't be opened in Reaper DAW?

Trying to get Reaper DAW to recognize the MC6MK2. After setting Reaper MIDI hardware settings to enable inputs from the MC6, Reaper keeps reporting “The following MIDI inputs could not be opened: Morningstar MC6MK2”. My MC6 is running v3.10.2 firmware. Anybody else seen this and hopefully fixed it?

More data…apparently, reaper and the Morningstar editor have some conflict regarding midi. After programming my MC6 with the transport functions I want and then closing the editor, Reaper works fine, responding as expected to commands from the MC6. I can live with that…

Is this in Windows? The issue is that for Windows, it only allows one MIDI port to connect to one software, so if one software has already claimed the MIDI port, another software will not be able to connect.

You can try this:

  1. Increase the USB Virtual MIDI port to 2 (or more) in the controller settings
  2. Open Reaper first and connect to port 2.
  3. Open the editor and connect to port 1.

Hi James,… yes, this is windows 10. I cannot find a way to create virtual midi ports within the MS editor but i have found your ‘How to’ article about using the loopMIDI and MIDI-OX apps to do this. Are these apps the recommended solution for now? Thanks again!


I had this happen if I have a Browser open before I start Reaper.
Chrome etc will open the device (MC6) in exclusive mode meaning no other applications can connect to it.

Yes, this will work, although I’m not sure if you will come across the same problem as me as stated in the tutorial.

The virtual USB MIDI port setting can be found in the controller settings tab, under the general config section: