MC6 bank scroll or bank scroll/jump not working

I just go this a couple weeks a go and it just started to have issues. First it was freezing when switching from Loop mode and back to a bank. I had to unplug the power and replug back in to get it working again.Now it won’t bank scroll at all or jump banks. The only thing that is working is the tuner and tap tempo. I also can’t even get into the settings on the controller itself. Please help!

PS I reinstalled firmware three times, and hit the rest button. Still no go.

Can you email us a video of this issue to so we can understand the problem better? Or just post the link to the video here.

Is there any thing connected to the TRS port or MIDI IN port?

I think I just figured it out. It was weird because it slowly started failing. It was my expression pedal. I must have configured it wrong. What is the best setting for it? I have a Dunlop mini expression pedal. With a TRS cable plugged into the auc if the Dunlop and then into the exp 1 port ok the mc6. I set the mc6 to expression 1. Is there anything I need to do to my hx stomp?