Mc3 with mc8 axe fx 3

Can i use the mc3 as add on midi switches to the mc8? For bank up/down of mc8 or axe fx, or scenes, fx on off etc… if so , would it be connected by midi cable or trs?
thank you

Hi… can’t see why not… as long as the MC8 supports the functions you want to call using external midi. Check this:

An alternative might be hooking up one (or more) three button external / aux switches. I have an EHX Triple set up as fixed switch custom giving me Bank Change Mode, Toggle Page and Tap Tempo.

thank you so much for the links, the only issue is the aux switches don’t have lights or any screen to tell me anything. Stages can be loud and dark, and i sing a lot. i need another screen. Thats why I’m inquiring about the mc3. I have a disaster area midi baby, and it’s not my thing. I like the editor of morning star and the mc 3 is small enough and powerful enough with a screen. mc8 with mc3 might be my solution. Mc3 basically will be an extension of the mc8.

Do you already have an MC8 then? If you’ve got the cash then yeah no reason you couldn’t use both but I would suggest reading up on the controllers using the manual and getting your head around banks and pages and how to use presets to do more than one thing.

MC8 gives you, erm, 8 foot switches. Each switch can do many things. Each bank has two pages of presets which you can switch between.

I think if you were to use for example MC3 on the floor whilst singing and an MC8 near the back line you might find it difficult to program the MC3 to “remotely” recall every function and nuance of the MC8, and for sure the 3’s screen doesn’t give anything like the amount of info the 8’s screen does. Plus you’d have to double program everything - first on the 8 and then again on the 3 to remotely recall each bank/preset.

Whilst you can do what you’re suggesting, I think your life might be easier with just one MC8!