MC3 to Digitakt : help with midi

Hi there! New to the forum. Thanks for having me…

I’m a guitar player, so I need to control the digitakt with the mc3.

I was able to find the CC number to send the full stop message: 120. It’s like double tapping the stop button on the Digitakt
→ I’m now looking for a way to “play” the Digitakt. Play a pattern. Is there a CC for that?
I’ve tried using a Real Time message: start… but something weird happens: the DT is silent for a moment and then starts playing… Any tips?

→ I also would like to have a +1 message, so I can go up from A-01 to A-02, to A-03 etc… like scrolling up thru patterns, while the DT is playing. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Detail: when I send the “play” message with “Real time”, a little padlock appears on the right corner of the DT’s screen, replacing the symbol for tempo. DT is silent. After a while, the padlock disappears and playback starts.
Anyone knows what I’m dealing with here? Thanks!

Ok, problem #1 solved:
-the padlock was because I had “clock receive” checked in the DT. Since my set-up is simple, I don’t need it, I just need “transport receive” checked. So I unchecked the clock receive, and I now I can play and stop DT at will with the foot-controller

-Now with the +1 thing to move to the next pattern while playing… (please chime in in the mean time!)

Have you found a solution? I’m struggling with this as well.

Yes I’ve found a way.
For play/stop, I’m using a preset with “toggle on”, first press - real time - start, and second press CC 120.
For moving incrementally, you have to program an “on enter bank” operation, on the Edit bank page in the web editor, type: utility, option: set message scroll counter, then type the pattern number you want to recall everytime you enter that specific bank.
Once you’ve done that, you need a preset with pc scroll, like this:

All in all, I have one footswitch for scrolling through patterns, another one for play/stop, and the last one to change bank. I guess I could save a footswitch by using a long press or something, but that set up is enough for what I have to do, so I keep things simple. Hope this helps.

Amazing! Pumped to try this tonight! Thank you.

I’m stuck a little after setting the message scroll counter: how do you set the pattern number you want to recall when you enter that specific bank. I see “select preset” and “set msg scroll”
Do those presets on the morningstar correspond to banks on the digitakt?

Actually the Morningstar doesn’t see “banks”. Just 127 patterns. So you need to make a quick chart:
Bank A on the DT is patterns from 0 to 15 (CC0 to CC15), Bank B is from 16 to 31, etc… For instance, if you want to begin with Bank F, pattern 1, your pc number has to be 80.
Here’s a picture, I can’t remember if you need both messages like I did. My preset scroll message might just be a leftover from a previous attempt. In any case, this works:

Oh great! In between my second ask and your answer I figured out that sending program change on entering bank is the way to go.

Your response is super validating. My issue now is getting the bank to change on the digitakt without having to press anything else on the morningstar. If i jump to a different bank on the morningstar, it doesn’t switch on the digitakt until I press start sequence.

Thanks for your help!