MC3 to control DD200 & Terraform

Hi all,

Would like to ask if MC3 can control Boss DD200, and Wampler Terraform. If yes, can MC3 control them independently (not simultaneously)?

Also, can MC3 access DD200 loop mode, and use start/stop/delete loop?

Thanks a lot for the time!

I’m using the MC6 to control a dd200 but I don’t believe there is a way to control the Looper (Boss’ issue not the Morningstar) Seems there is no midi related to the looper (at least in the manual or forum posts elsewhere)

As to controlling both individually, yes just set each pedal to a different midi channel.
You may be able to get around the looper situation by using the MC3 to control on/off and tap and such and use the on board buttons of the DD200 to control the looper. I have an RC500 so I haven’t delved into the 200’s looper much.
I think I read somewhere that the dd200 does not allow to toggle the delay on and off while in looper mode but just hearsay.
Mainly though, the dd200 is the limiting device in any of these situations.
Not familiar with the Terraform but as long as each pedal is on a different midi channel you can send messages to both or either or.

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Thank you so much for the information!

It’s fine if I can’t control DD200 loop functions. As long as I can enter/exit loop mode.

Ok, controlling 2 pedals separately requires each pedals on different channel. Can I use the 5-pin midi out for one pedal (let’s say Terraform), and the Omni Port for the 2nd pedal (DD200), and then configure MC3 to control individual pedals via separate channels?

Where do you get 1/8" TRS cables for MIDI btw?

This is what I do. Out of an Omniport with a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter to the boss’s and then out the normal 5pin to the others. The morningstar sends all midi messages out all ports so when programming your presets just be sure to pick the corresponding channel of the pedal you want to control. The editor has a nice feature where you can name all your midi channels in the settings so it’s quick to see what channel is what. Then just send a message to either channel or both.
You could go a normal chain from the morningstar to the terraform then to the boss using their proprietary adapter but using the omniport is the cheaper and cleaner route (the boss cable is 5ft long)

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Will sure to do this. I can’t find a 1/4 TRS male to 1/8in TRS male, but I’ll ask a friend to make one.

Thanks a lot for the help, and best regards!

I used an 1/8in mic cable for cameras (small and coiled) with a regular TRS adapter from 1/4 to 1/8 and it works fine. Morningstar really went above and beyond as far as compatibility with the option to choose standard, tip or ring.