MC3 & Strymon Nixie

Is there a way to use Strymon’s Nixie software with the MC3 still connected? I’m using a Timeline and Big Sky. I realize there’s no MIDI IN on the MC3. Is there an interface or hub or SOMETHING I can use that would prevent me from having to disconnect the MC3 from the pedals and then connecting the midi interface to them in order to access Nixie?


The MC3 cannot be used as a two way interface simply because there isn’t a MIDI IN port.

I think the Nixie sends and receives sysex data on all connected midi interfaces, so you could possibly just use another midi interface to connect the Strymon MIDI out back to the Nixie program. We have not tested this yet.

Is there some type of option out there that would work as a “hub” of some type?
I’d really like to find a way to keep from disconnecting/reconnecting my midi cables each time I want to connect my Strymon pedals to Nixie. I don’t want to buy a larger MCx unit, as I don’t need anything more than the MC3.


Very keen to learn if there might be work around to this. Would be epic to use the MC3 as a single point to interface with a laptop for all updates and tweaks for on the NIXIE and such.