MC3: Start/Stop on Same Button?

Can someone tell me how to program the MC3 to do a start and stop on the same button? I’m trying to control the RC-10r and the RC-5 at the same time and the RC-5 seems to want to work that way.

The MC3 programming is very straightforward. You just need to ensure the right assign target is selected in both your RC5 and 10R.
In the RC500 (which I believe is the same for both RC5 and 10R I have:
Assign3 ON
Source CC#3
Src mode MOMENT
Min/ max leave blank.

On the MC3
Action PRESS
CC# 3
CC Value 127

CC Number 3
CC Value 0

You could set the same cc number to be received by both devices or, if you want different CC messages for each unit, add another press and release command in the MC3 with the different CC number. In that scenario, msg 1 and 2 would be you press functions with the different cc numbers and msg 3 and 4 both release.

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Thanks for your reply, the info the MC3 is helpful. However the terms you shared from the RC500 are not familiar as being used for the Rc10r or 5.
Assign3 ON
Source CC#3
Src mode MOMENT not an option
Target ALL START not an option

Thinking about it - I guess there is no all start on the RC5 as it’s only a single track looper. Wouldn’t you just use “start” or similar?

Have you looked at the John Paul tutorial videos?

I have watched that video and commented on it in another thread. To me, it would have been much more helpful if he had shared how he programmed the MC8 in addition to demonstrating the settings on the RC-5.