MC3 newbie quick question

… new MC3 owner…

Here’s a screenshot of preset A

Let’s say that I boot up all my gear… it looks like if I want to engage preset A PCC #0 that I press on preset switch A…

but that toggles to Pos 2.

I can press +press and then it’s choosing Pos 1

what am I missing?

Rusty Kirkland


Why do you have long press in pos 2? Shouldn’t it also be press?

2 things to note…

  1. You have Toggle Mode On selected. Every action will toggle between the 2 position. Disengage that if you want to stay in one position. You can be more selective with toggling if you want by using the Toggle Preset action in the midi type menu and assigning that to a footswitch.
  2. Long Press will also trigger any Press actions you have in your preset. Use Release in the place of Press to avoid triggering those actions along with the Long Press.

oops… i originally had it as Press (msg 1 press on Pos 1, msg 2 press on Pos 2) (toggle preset on)

but I was trying different things yesterday and apparently took a screenshot at the wrong time…


I’m not saying this is it, but have you tried the first one to be Release, yet?

I think I’ve got it working fine now (both msg 1 and msg2 are set to Press) but I’ll try that suggestion about Release!


I have things corrected and everything is groovy.

one more question: although my preset toggle are now working fine I’m curious
about Page toggle either from an external footswitch (do I set that up on Expr preset and if so: Aux Sw or Fixed Switch?)

or can I set up a Page toggle from a footswitch combo on the MC3? A+B isn’t great ergonomically

Rusty Kirkland

Toggle Page is in the menu of types you can assign to a footswitch press. So, you can assign it to any single footswitch that you like.

For an external footswitch (say a 3 button switch)…
Setting as Aux Switch would let you assign any type of preset to the buttons (on MC3, I think It assigns to the 3 presets on second page). Fixed would assign Bank Up, Bank Down and Toggle Page to those 3 buttons permanently.

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