Mc3 + Mc8 Pairing

Hey Morningstar folks. I’ve got a puzzler I can’t seem to solve.

I’d like to use an MC3 in front of an MC8 to have easy access to pedal CC messages I use on the regular (tap tempo, Walrus ACS1 Boost ON / OFF, and Bank Jump).

I’ve set the MC8 to midi channel 5 and am having no issues getting the MC3 to send global tap tempo settings which are then relayed to my tap tempo pedals. However, I can’t seem to get the MC3 to speak directly to the midi-enabled pedals in midi channels 1-3—namely the ACS1 in midi channel 3. What am I missing?

Please and thank you!


Two MCs are better than one! What does your MIDI signal chain look like?


MC3 out > MC8 in (Ch5)
MC8 out > Walrus D1 (Ch1) > Walrus R1 (Ch2) > Walrus ACS1 (Ch3) > ML5 (Ch4)

Did you check that the MC8’s MIDI Thru is on?

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Seems like a good place to start.

You guys are geniuses. Problem quickly solved.

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