MC3. How to send MIDI Clock to SA Collider?

Ok so one of the main reason I got the MC3 is that I thought I could done away with my Selah Quartz BPM Generator by creating banks in the MC3 which just send BPM MIDI Clocks.

I made 2 presets in a bank one with 72BPM and the other 90BPM by
selecting “Action” = Press, “Type” = MIDI Clock and “BPM” 72 (And 90 on the other preset.

It doesn’t seem to do anything on the Source Audio Collider.
Am I missing something here?


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are you attempting to send tempo presets to pedals that are not already listening for a master clock?

I figured it out that I was doing all the right thing it’s just that I had to disconnect the MC3 from the Computer to make it work. It doesn’t work when it still connected.

Bummed about the Source Audio Collider though. Turns out it’s got noticeable signal drop out when switching midi presets. Major bummer. If anyone in Australia want’s to get it off my hand let me know.

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