MC3 - how to assign bank change, and preset change mode on switches

Hi All, and hope things are just doing well.

I just got my MC3, and I honestly can’t setup bank change and preset change mode.

Can I configure these way?
switch A = preset up
switch B = preset down
switch C = change bank (press= bank up, double press=bank down)

Anyone knows how to do these kind of setup?

Thanks a lot for the time, and best regards!

Hi… here’s how I set up my Preset F on each bank… First Press engages. Second Press disengages. Long Press takes me to bank one (home for me). Double Tap jumps to another bank.

Use of Release instead of Press is intentional - all to do with how different actions interact, per the table here:

I would suggest you use Release messages for your preset on/off PC, CC or whatever. Then try using e.g. Long Press set to Bank Change Mode (I assume MC3 has a Bank Change Mode!)

Try that first - lets you scroll through banks very nicely.

By the way: my Msg2 is there because I have the Bank’s Clear Preset Toggles set to off. If you set this On it means that you don’t need a Set Toggle message like I’ve used… and pressing A disengages B, pressing C disengages A etc. I don’t use that setting because (in some banks) I do want to be able to have Preset A + B (for example) active at the same time.

Thanks a lot for the info.

I see this ain’t no straightforward approach, but a huge learning curve.
Let me get this straight, in every stomp of the switch, you have to send a message?
Is there a general algorithm on for “preset up/down” and “banking up/down”?

No, you can send whatever you want on any switch in any bank.

My screenshot shows a typical “on / off” setup. As in, I’m toggling a sound on my pedal between on and off every time I short press. But when I long press I can do something different. And when I double tap something different again.

But equally, you can leave a message’s position setting on ‘both’ and then every time to you press it does “the same thing”. So let’s say there’s a CC command for your pedal that means “load next preset” or some other thing that’s not an on/off “toggle” type of thing… setting that up in Msg1 with a Press action and position set to “both” means “load next preset” fires every time you press.

Well worth browsing this forum for screenshots and ideas, and checking the YouTube channel!

Hey there, when you say preset change you mean on the pedals you’re controlling, and the bank changes on the MC3? What pedals are you controlling?
The switch C is an easy task:

@nujnujnuj - by all means post some thoughts on what you’re trying to set up and I’m sure we can give you some pointers! And like @cVarsity says stating the pedals you’re using helps because approach can vary according to how the pedal manufacturer has implemented MIDI.

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Hi All,

Thank a lot for the help. I’m getting a hang of it now. I just figured out that I cannot change banks, nor toggle switch when connected to the web editor. I can now change the programs now.

Thanks a lot for the time!

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Great! You can change that behaviour… - personally I leave this disabled and select presets using my mouse for editing. Otherwise you’re constantly disconnecting and reconnecting which is a pain!


Just noticed your older post I’ve replied to. If you’re still using the DD200 and the Terraform, are you using a “PC Number Scroll” to change presets up/down? Always looking for new ideas to open up my midi.