MC3 - Fixed Switch Issue/ Request

Hi there,
I have set up a two button Aux switch as “Fixed Switch 1” to go up/down banks in the MC3.
However, is there a way to alter the scrolling speed or disable scrolling with a fixed switch as it speeds through banks far to quickly! I’m only trying to go up or down one bank at a time but it is far to easy to accidentally skip a few banks unless you are lightning fast when pressing the switch…

in the controller settings general config section, there is a bank change delay setting. Increase that delay setting to resolve this

Thanks for the quick reply James - that’s really helped! Especially as my reflexes aren’t what they used to be!

@Beexter - may not suit your use case, but have you tried Bank Change Mode on your ext switch? I’ve found that’s always one tap, one bank ie not as lively! Plus, only takes up one of your ext switches.