MC3 expression values with Dunlop DVP4 mini

Hey, I’ve noticed an issue when trying to calibrate expression values on my MC3 with my Dunlop DVP4 mini.

When calibrating, the minimum value is 0 as expected, but in toe down position, the maximum value is only 15? Not sure what the problem is, hopefully someone can help!

MC3 firmware is 3.8.7 and the dip switch on the DVP4 is set to “tip”

Hi. Could I confirm a few things please:

  1. Are you using the Aux port on the DVP4?
  2. Are you using a stereo TRS cable?

Hi Brandon,

Yes, I’m using a TRS cable from the aux port of the DVP4 into the Omniport of the MC3. The omniport is set to expression.


How about the other slide switch in the DVP4?

More info here:

Yep, top dip switch is set to exp and bottom is set to tip.

Thanks for the info!

Ok I just tested the MC3 v3.8.7, yes there is a bug there. Let me check it out now and post a fix in a bit.

Awesome, thanks James!

Ok you can find it here: Release Firmware v3.8.7 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC3-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Do let me know if you continue to face any issues, thanks!

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Firmware updated. All fixed!

Thanks for the help guys.