MC3 - Expression Pedal to turn WAH ON/OFF - Change Wah value with expression pedal

I’ve got what must be the simplest of all functions here and nothing I’ve found in the forum or the docs has helped.

I’ve got an expression pedal that I want to use to control a wah plugin on a Moddevices ModDwarf. I want to be able to control the pedal on/off and the wah control. I’ve been able to turn it on but not off with the MC3, and control the wah function with the expression pedal, but I can’t get all the functions working.

I believe all this has to be done with one preset on the MC3, turn the wah on and off with two messages, and a third message to control the function of the wah, correct?

I’m starting over from scratch because I can’t get this simple function to work. I’m completely at a loss here.

I know this must be midi school course 101 but I’m not getting it. Any and all advice welcome.


Could you link to the MIDI implementation of the ModDwarf, por favor?

Is this what you’re looking for? Looks like it only applies to the duo and the x, but it should be the same for the mod dwarf.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, was just looking for the ModDwarf CC or PC message list so I could mock up a MC preset for ya.

I may have figured it out. Probably should have looked on moddevices forum.


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Okay - I’ve spoken too soon. I feel like I’m back to square one. I’ll be leaving a similar post on the moddevices forum because there are two different devices - the Morningstar MC3 and the Moddevices Mod Dwarf.

I’ve gotten the MC3 to work on the GXWah plugin on the mod dwarf. I save the settings. I load the same file later and it doesn’t work.

FWIW I’m uploading the json file that actually worked at one point.

preset_1_wah-20220410-1-everythingworks.json (1.9 KB)

Here’s the latest - I’ve got this function working perfectly on the mod duo using the midi din connections on the MC3 and the duo. When I use the same plugin on the dwarf with the same settings on the MC3 using the midi 3.5mm connections I get nothing. I’ve tried using all 4 omniports on the MC3. There’s only one midi 3.5mm input jack on the dwarf.

Just checked the docs again for both devices (MC3 and mod dwarf) and they say that both devices use type a for the trs jacks.