MC3 double tap/looper mode issue


I recently purchased an MC3 and right now I’m using it to record loops with an Octatrack. However, I’m having an issue with latency. I’ll explain.

I have MC3 set up so that switch [A-press] will control the record function of the looper and [A-double tap] will allow me to select the previous track. Switch [B] is set up in a similar way. When using the press functions on switch [A] or [B] there is a pretty significant amount of latency, even with looper mode engaged.

The problem as far as I can tell is that, since I have switches [A] and [B] set up with a double tap function, MC3 is introducing this latency because it’s waiting for a possible double tap.

I tried switching out the double taps on [A] and [B], using long presses instead, and this did eliminate the latency issue. However, now if I want to use [A-long press] to switch to another track, [A-press] will also be engaged and recording begins, which I do not want. This happens even if looper mode is not engaged.

Am I right about this double tap latency? Is there any way around this? Is there some way for me to modify looper mode so that it doesn’t wait for a double tap?

Really appreciate any help you can give me!



Hi Julien. When controlling looper functions, we always recommend having a dedicated switch for each function. Press will be triggered the moment a switch is pressed down, even when you hold down a switch for Long Press. The only way to have 2 different actions on one switch with minimal latency is to use Release and Long Press actions.

However, you will now be triggering your functions upon release and not press, which could affect your looping (depending on how precise you need it to be). Hence our recommendation to have a dedicated switch for each looper function