MC3 and Jackson Audio Golden Boy


I just bought a MC3 to build a small pedalboard consisting of a HX Stomp, a Jackson Audio Golden Boy and the MC3 to control everthing. The communication between the MC3 and the Stomp worked fine right away, but I could not get the MC3 and the JA GB communicating with each other, although I use a Morningstar Engineering Adaptor Cable 3,5mm TRS to 6,3mm TRS F and then a 6,3mm TRS to the JA GB. I also changed MIDI-channels, tried all different dip switch settings for ports 3 and 4 folloeing the user manual - nothing!

Please, help me, where am I doing it wrong!? Thanking you in anticipation and kind regards,

Hi. To keep things simple, you should use port 1 or 2 on the MC3. Jackson actually adheres to the MIDI standard and receives MIDI via the tip. Although the opposite is stated on their website.

Hi Brandon,
thanks for your help! Unfortunately I still could not get it working with ports 1 or 2, but with the omniport EXP. But that is not the way I want it to be set up! :roll_eyes:

I believe you should try a few different troubleshooting options:

  • check your cables
  • back up your settings and reset the MC3 to the factory defaults
  • try again using the 1/8" ports on the MC3 per Brandon’s suggestion
  • try using a MIDI to 6.3mm TRS cable to connect the Golden Boy directly to the HX Stomp instead of the MC3

Look at this cable:

By using a MIDI to 6.3mm TRS cable to connect the Golden Boy directly to the HX Stomp you can utilize the Stomp’s Command Center feature which I have recently discovered to be incredibly useful.

Although our pedalboard configurations are not identical, I am also using the MC3, HX Stomp, and a Jackson Audio Optimist as part of a “small pedalboard” setup.

Also, it is still feasible to use the MC3 to control the Golden Boy this way. For example:

  • I use the Somp Command Center to send CC messages to the Optimist for OD1/OD2/EQ changes for different Snapshots.
  • Then I send a bank change CC Event (On Exit) from the MC3 to deactivate the current Optimist settings when I switch banks on the MC3.

In summary, the MC3 and Jackson Audio products work very well together out of the box. Which would lead me to believe your problems stem from a cable malfunction or user error.

One more tip!

  • Confirm that you have correctly set the MIDI channel on the Golden Boy! There should be an LED on the Golden Boy that will slowly blink a specific number of times that corresponds to the current MIDI channel. Then double-check that your MC3 messages are set to that MIDI channel when sending CCs to the Golden Boy.